ISSRM 2018 Program and Schedule

Poster session

The ISSRM has an overwhelming response to poster submissions! We have about 50 exciting poster presentations scheduled. The poster session will be held in conjunction with the evening Welcome Reception.

Instructions for Poster Presenters: Please hand in your posters at the registration desk when you register, and our volunteers will set them up for you prior to the start of the poster session on Monday. Posters need to be handed in at the latest by the time of the afternoon coffee break on Monday. Please remove your poster at the end of the Poster Session on Monday evening.

Printed poster dimensions should not exceed 100cm (~39 inches) X 120cm (~47 inches).

Time: Monday, June 18, 6:15pm
Location: Primrose

Click here for the list of Poster Presentations

Preliminary Program of Concurrent Sessions

Note that all sessions in the same time slots run in parallel.

Please be sure to bring your PowerPoint presentation materials with you on a USB drive; you will be responsible for loading the presentation onto the computer located in the room where your session is scheduled to take place just prior to the scheduled start time.  All rooms where presentations will occur will have a laptop PC with Windows software and a current version of PowerPoint installed.  If you are working with some other type of equipment or software (Macintosh for example), please arrange in advance to convert your presentation materials so that they will be compatible with the PC/Windows systems we are providing.

All presenters should plan to arrive at their session locations at least 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, so that presentation materials can be loaded onto the computer.  This will help us to avoid unnecessary delays or confusion during the session itself.  A session chair/room monitor will be present to assist with this if needed.

Most sessions are 90 minutes in length and include 3-5 presenters; a few are scheduled for longer time periods and may include as many as 6 presenters. Please plan your presentation with regard to how many papers are in your session. As a general rule presenters should plan to have 12-15 minutes to present, with approximately 3-5 minutes available for questions and discussion. The session chair/room monitor will be tracking time, and will let you know when the end of your allotted presentation time is approaching. Please be sure to stay on time! Note—panelists may follow a different strategy and you should refer to your session organizer for instruction.

Click here for the searchable list of oral presentation abstracts.

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