Society & Natural Resources – Call for Book Review Submissions

Dear Colleagues,

The Book Review Editors of Society & Natural Resources kindly request reviews for the books listed below. Please see attached guidelines for submissions.

Post 2018 ISSRM Update

It was so great seeing over 500 of you at ISSRM 2018 in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, USA! Thank you for coming – I enjoyed hearing about all your interesting research and meeting so many of you for the first time. Thank you for introducing yourselves!

Thank you to Rick Krannich and Jordan Smith for organizing a great ISSRM 2018. So many of you let us know how much you enjoyed the conference. We are also very grateful to Jessica Hill and Paulus Mau for their tireless work supporting IASNR and ISSRM.

ISSRM 2018, IASNR, and ISSRM 2019 worked together to put together a wonderful silent auction – thank you for bidding! We raised over 1500 USD toward ISSRM 2018 and 2019 student scholarships which is very helpful in ensuring student attendance.

Paul Van Auken’s marvelous presentation on ISSRM 2019 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA showed that this is going to be another fun and productive conference in a beautiful spot – including a field trip to Aldo Leopold’s cabin; beer, popcorn, and a screening of the Aldo Leopold documentary “Green Fire;” a chance to learn about what makes UW Oshkosh one of the greenest campuses in the USA; and a beautiful river walk to enjoy every day. You can find more info at

To stay in touch with fellow IASNR members, please consider joining the listserv, following us on Twitter (@info_iasnr), and following us at International Association for Society and Natural Resources Facebook! The IASNR listserv is a mechanism to foster immediate and timely communication among IASNR members. Topics may include research, academic, or employment opportunities; questions about teaching or scholarship; or timely news that may be of interest to members. The list is not moderated, so any member who subscribes may post to the list. Join by clicking here.

Thanks again for coming to ISSRM 2018 and for maintaining your IASNR membership – I look forward to seeing you at ISSRM 2019.

~ Kathy Halvorsen, IASNR Executive Director

Quantitative Postdoc Position Available at Purdue University

Announcing an open position for a postdoctoral research associate with expertise in quantitative methods in the Natural Resources Social Science (NRSS) Lab at Purdue University. The NRSS Lab is a highly productive and vibrant group that primarily focuses on the intersections between water quality, climate change and agriculture in the Midwestern United States.  PI Dr. Linda Prokopy has a number of grants to support this ongoing work and the successful applicant will generate a number of publications, gain experience in grant writing, learn about project and data management, and have the opportunity to mentor undergraduate students.  The successful applicant will have the opportunity to both develop and analyze survey data focused on watershed management and climate change adaptation in agriculture.  Several of the datasets already exist so publications should happen quite quickly.  For more information about the lab and Dr. Prokopy, please visit:

This position requires a background in social science research, excellent quantitative data analysis skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills.  Opportunities for professional development are encouraged and attendance at a minimum of one national conference per year will be fully funded.

This position is available immediately but will ideally be filled by September 15th, 2018. The position pays $47,480/year plus benefits. This position is initially for one year but is renewable for a second year based upon satisfactory performance.

 To apply for this position, please email Dr. Prokopy at and attach a letter of interest, a current CV or resume, and contact information for three professional references. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting on August 1.  All applicants must be eligible to drive for Purdue University business.

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Social Science of Water Resources

Researchers at Utah State University seek applications for a two-year postdoctoral research position associated with projects focusing on water reuse and irrigation in Utah. The Postdoctoral Associate will work with Dr. Courtney Flint and Dr. Niel Allen on projects related to water reuse and irrigation and other connections between social science and agricultural and water engineering.Click here for more information.

Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sustainability – Cornell University

Founded by a generous gift from David and Pat Atkinson, the David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future empowers faculty to think outside of their departments and across disciplines when it comes to tackling the world’s greatest challenge – creating a vital and resilient future for the global community. By providing funding for cross-college collaborations, urgent research, and partnerships with non-profits, government, and industry, the Atkinson Center supports the pioneering risk-takers at the very heart of radical collaborations for knowledge-to-action programs and projects. Click here for more information.

Weather Updates for 2018 ISSRM – Snowbird, Utah

Updated weather forecast for Snowbird, Utah: Recent weather projections now show a chance of showers on Sunday/Monday and cooler weather during the conference dates. Monday day-time temperatures will be in the mid-50s (13 Celsius) and other days in the low 60s (16 Celsius).

Contact Jessica Hill ( with any related questions.

Safe travels! We look forward to hosting you at the 2018 ISSRM!

~ 2018 ISSRM Co-Organizers & IASNR Office

ISSRM 2018 Mobile App & Final Program

ISSRM Attendees!

In an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of ISSRM 2018, the symposium will be completely paperless this year! Instead of providing all 500+ registrants with a printed program, we’ve developed an ISSRM 2018 app where you can:

  • find up-to-the-minute information about the symposium schedule;
  • get venue maps so you know where to go;
  • get information about all 13 eateries that you’ll be able to try while at Snowbird; and most importantly
  • connect with other presenters and attendees who you want to meet with!

We will be sending out personalized emails later today with instructions for how to download the app. So keep an eye on your inboxes! If you don’t receive an email within the next 24-hours, make sure to check your Spam folder. If it’s not there, please send an email to

If you don’t feel like using the app, we also have a PDF VERSION OF THE PROGRAM THAT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD. Both the PDF version of the program and the mobile app have a whole bunch of great information that will help you have an amazing experience at Snowbird next week! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


Jordan W. Smith and Richard Krannich
ISSRM 2018 Co-Chairs

2018 IASNR Council Election Results

I want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Council members and congratulate and welcome those who have been newly elected. Tom Fish, Neelam PoudyalErin Seekamp, and Mysha Clarke have all made significant contributions to IASNR as individual members and on Council. We as an organization owe them each a debt of gratitude. I look forward to continuing to serve with them as they serve out their remaining terms of office this year. It is my hope that Tom, Neelem, Erin, and Mysha also stay involved with us as we need their expertise, energy, and experience as we move forward as an organization. They, along with the folks who remain on Council have done extraordinary work for us and I am so very grateful for such a great collection of people to work with.

I wish to extend a hearty welcome to our colleagues Jens Emborg, M. Azahara Mesa-Jurado, and Chloe Wardropper as they prepare to join Council, and I would also like to welcome Brett Alan Miller, our new Student Representative-elect and Anne Junod, our new Student Representative. We have on Council an extraordinarily talented and committed group of people. We have lots of important work to do and I look forward to their engagement in our efforts.

I also want to thank the excellent slate of people who allowed their names to be put forward for the election but who were not elected this time. I have two messages for you: please stay involved with us and your time is coming! I hope every one of you ends up on Council and/or in an Officer position at some future point.

This recent election and the number of highly qualified candidates running is just further evidence of the dynamism of IASNR. I am looking forward to a great future as we move forward.


~ Kathy Halvorsen, Executive Director

ISSRM 2018 – Last-Minute Reminders and Suggestions

With the start of ISSRM now just a few days away, we wanted to share a few last-minute reminders and updates:

  • Please keep in mind that Snowbird is a high-elevation ski resort!  The base elevation where symposium activities are taking place sits at 8,000 feet (2438.4 meters), and if you decide to enjoy the tram ride to the top of the mountain you’ll top out at 11,000 feet (3352.8 meters). Those traveling from lower-elevation settings may become short of breath or experience dizziness and fatigue after only limited exertion.  Take it easy, especially for the first day or two while your body acclimates to a lower oxygen concentration!
  • A key to minimizing the risks of altitude sickness is to stay very well hydrated!  We will be distributing symposium water bottles when you check in at the registration desk, and there are numerous water refill stations throughout the Cliff Lodge facility.  Be sure to hold onto that water bottle (in keeping with our obligations to the environment we will not be providing commercial bottled water), and use it regularly throughout the time you’re at the symposium!
  • While they are rarely seen, rattlesnakes do exist in some areas where you may be hiking.  They will let you know if they’re close by – so consider not wearing headphones while you’re out and about on the local trails!
  • High elevation and thinner air also mean increased exposure to the rays of the sun, and greater risk for sunburn during time spent outdoors.  For those planning to participate in hikes or other outdoor activities, having a hat and using sunscreen are highly recommended.
  • The weather forecast is looking great!  But keep in mind that in the mountains daytime temperatures will likely be in the high 60s (15.5 degrees Celsius) to low 70s (21.1 degrees Celsius), and nighttime lows will be in the high 30s to 40s (2 to 10 degrees Celsius). Be sure to bring clothing and layers that will allow you to remain comfortable during the Wednesday evening banquet and other outdoor events.
  • For those planning to arrive on Monday or later, be advised that roadway construction has been scheduled for the canyon highway leading to Snowbird starting that day.  While we’ve been told this will not lead to major complications, traffic will in some areas be reduced to a single lane and you should anticipate some (hopefully brief) delays.
  • Snowbird is providing discounted access to symposium participants for the aerial tram ride to the top of Hidden Peak, and also for various services provided in the Cliff Spa facility.  Be sure to show your registration badge if you decide to take advantage of any of these services.
  • As is always true of resort-based conference venues, the cost of meals and beverages at on-site dining facilities tends to be higher than some may be accustomed to.  Those with access to a vehicle may want to stop at a nearby grocery store before heading up the mountain in order to stock up on food and drink items to keep in their rooms, which would allow you to at least partially offset those higher prices.

Contact Jessica Hill ( with any related questions.

We look forward to hosting you at the 2018 ISSRM!

~ 2018 ISSRM Co-Organizers & IASNR Office

ISSRM 2018 Presentation Instructions

It is nearly time for the 2018 ISSRM!

Instructions for Presenters:

  1. Please check the program to confirm the time and location of your session.
  2. Please be sure to bring your PowerPoint presentation materials with you on a USB drive; you will be responsible for loading the presentation onto the computer located in the room where your session is scheduled to take place just prior to the scheduled start time.  All rooms where presentations will occur will have a laptop PC with Windows software and a current version of PowerPoint installed.  If you are working with some other type of equipment or software (Macintosh for example), please arrange in advance to convert your presentation materials so that they will be compatible with the PC/Windows systems we are providing.
  3. All presenters should plan to arrive at their session locations at least 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, so that presentation materials can be loaded onto the computer.  This will help us to avoid unnecessary delays or confusion during the session itself.  A session chair/room monitor will be present to assist with this if needed.
  4. Most sessions are 90 minutes in length and include 3-5 presenters; a few are scheduled for longer time periods and may include as many as 6 presenters. Please plan your presentation with regard to how many papers are in your session. As a general rule presenters should plan to have 12-15 minutes to present, with approximately 3-5 minutes available for questions and discussion. The session chair/room monitor will be tracking time, and will let you know when the end of your allotted presentation time is approaching. Please be sure to stay on time! Note—panelists may follow a different strategy and you should refer to your session organizer for instruction.

Instructions for Poster Presenters: Please hand in your posters at the registration desk when you register, and our volunteers will set them up for you prior to the start of the poster session on Monday. Posters need to be handed in at the latest by the time of the afternoon coffee break on Monday. Please remove your poster at the end of the Poster Session on Monday evening.

Registration: The registration desk will on Level C of the Cliff Lodge, near the top of the escalator. Check in here for all ISSRM information and questions. Registration will be on Sunday afternoon, all day Monday through Wednesday, and until mid-day on Thursday.

Contact Jessica Hill ( with any related questions or problems, as necessary.

We look forward to hosting you at the 2018 ISSRM!

~ 2018 ISSRM Co-Organizers & IASNR Office